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I would like to introduce to you Kajko.
It is my fan art of the character which has been known since 1972 from comic book

"Kajko I Kokosz" and been created by polish author Janusz Christa.

After seeing short movie on Youtube about my favourite childhood characters I was very disappointed. Story is interesting but modeling could be done much better.

After watching last "Asterix and Obelix" movie I've asked myself why no one can convert my favourite comic book for such good quality film.

And lastly I have challenged myself. My goal was to do "Kajko" better then they did.

What do you think? Have I achieved it?

It would be nice to read something more than "good", "nice" or "rubbish".
Any constructive criticism is welcome.

Waiting for comments

Kajko - Fan Art

Kajko - Fan Art

Kajko - Fan Art

Kajko - Fan Art

4K Design Studio - Kajko - Fan Art